NORFOLK, VA – The City of Fort Worth has purchased CCG Systems, Inc.’s FASTER fleet management software to facilitate the operation of its mixed fleet of 4,500 vehicles. The City has been using an in-house system for the last 35 years. Based on a Transportation Consultant Inc. study in 2001, it was recommended that the City acquire a new fleet system to manage its expanding fleet.

With several service centers performing distinctive functions located throughout the City, Fort Worth recently opened its largest and state-of-the-art facility to combine two of its former service centers. James Avenue Service Center is divided into three sections: Heavy, Light, and Express, servicing primarily heavy equipment for the department of public works, the bulk of the city’s automotive (police) fleet, and quick maintenance functions respectively.

The City’s four other service centers are Southside, Brennan, Water, and Tire. Handling complex engine and transmission repairs, Southside also processes new and auction vehicles; housing the body shop, Brennan manages the Fire department’s equipments; Water servicing its own equipments; and the Tire location processing all of the City’s tire repairs and replacement.

The City is also planning to integrate FASTER with other business systems within the city due to its seamless design and flexibility to support business logic and processes.