NORFOLK, VA – Several cities across the United States are implementing CCG Systems, Inc.’s FASTER Fleet Management System. The California cities of Burbank, Clovis, and Richmond are implementing the system, which is a real-time, work order-based system that will help the cities manage an average fleet size of 700-plus.

FASTER has more than 100 standard reports, including the capability of customized reporting and custom import/export to fuel, accounting, and billing systems. The system can be deployed through SQL or Oracle client-server, remote application hosting, and soon, Web.

In addition, the City of Irving, Tex., and the City of Topeka, Kan., are also using the system. Serving 25 departments with 1,250 pieces of mixed equipment, including fire/emergency, police, and waste removal, the City of Irving’s Fleet Maintenance Division needed to promote efficient service delivery and enhance their overall communication effectiveness through information sharing.

The City of Topeka, after examining their information management and processes, wanted to improve customer service, repairs, and maintenance services, and increase staff efficiency and productivity. The City has 1,100 pieces of mixed equipment including fire/rescue and police.