EAGLE, CO – The Eagle County, Colo., commissioners have asked for bids to buy as many as 20 gas/electric hybrid cars — possibly Toyota Priuses and a handful of Toyota Camrys — to replace the same number of vehicles in the county’s current fleet. One estimate for 20 of those vehicles put the price tag at just under $480,000, according to the Vail Daily,/i> newspaper.

During a recent demonstration of three hybrid Toyotas, Commissioners Peter Runyon and Arn Menconi were impressed with the Prius’ fuel economy and interior configuration. The county now has too many types and makes of vehicles, Menconi said. He also pointed out that replacing roughly half the county’s light-vehicle fleet with one type of car could be more efficient for the maintenance people who have to buy parts and fix those vehicles.

To pay for the new cars, the county would dip into its vehicle replacement fund, which now stands at about $230,000, and sell 20 sedans, vans, pickups, and SUVs