NORFOLK, VA – Douglas County and the City of Omaha, Neb., have signed contracts to implement FASTER — CCG Systems, Inc.’s fleet management solution — through the Douglas-Omaha Technology Commission (DOT.Comm) venture. An independent technology commission, DOT.Comm was created in 2001 to streamline all city and county technology functions by merging both information services departments resulting in better, more cost-effective services to government agencies and taxpayers. Douglas County and the City of Omaha will share a single FASTER database.

With more than 270 installations nationwide and in Canada, including several additional sites in various stages of contract negotiations, FASTER is an off-the-shelf package constructed around the work order process that provides access to real-time data. FASTER users, including the City of Lynchburg, Va., the City of Beverly Hills, Calif., and Polk County, Fla., have been recognized for their effective management policies and procedures, benchmarking efforts, customer satisfaction, and savings and cost control. For more information about FASTER, or to request a demo CD, call (800) 753-2783, or send an e-mail to