HUNTSVILLE, AL – On June 22, the Huntsville City Council authorized the purchase of 10 new pumper trucks for $3.5 million, according to the Huntsville Times newspaper. Fire Chief Dusty Underwood said the fleet is aging and driving up maintenance costs. The council later this year will be asked to authorize the purchase of four smaller firetrucks to use for emergency medical calls. Huntsville’s fire fleet now consists of 18 pumpers, four ladder trucks, and a hazardous-materials truck that responds to chemical spills. Underwood said the group replacement will make it easier to switch drivers among stations because more will have been trained on identical trucks. The city will solicit bids for the four smaller firetrucks in the coming months, according to the Huntsville Times report. Underwood said the smaller vehicles will be placed at stations with ladder trucks and be used for emergency medical runs and small blazes such as vehicle and trash fires. The smaller trucks, which will cost about $60,000 to $70,000, will increase response times to medical emergencies and reduce maintenance expenses on the costlier pumper trucks.