DECATUR, AL – Decatur Police Chief Joel Gilliam met with city council members last week, describing an immediate need to develop a fleet replacement program. He said 58 of the fleet’s 126 police cars are nearly a decade old, according to the Decatur Daily. Deputy Police Chief Ken Collier outlined a three-phase proposal to replace one-sixth of the fleet every year. Although the city purchased 20 cars in 2006, Collier said the department needs 12 more patrol cars and 16 unmarked units, all with associated equipment, costing $562,360, the report said. The cars’ nearly $900,000 price tag is only a portion of the city’s $2.74 million vehicle and equipment needs expected to be funded from a bond issue. Other departments around the city are also finding themselves in a similar situation — needing an equipment replacement program — including the public works department and parks and recreation department. Councilman Ray Metzger said he favors a replacement program, but prefers to pay cash for vehicles and equipment rather than use a bond issue, according to the Decatur Daily.. While Mayor Don Kyle said he advocates a depreciation reserve account funded from the general fund for all rolling stock.