SAN DIEGO – Networkcar, which specializes in remotely monitoring vehicle location and diagnostics, has been awarded a three-year agreement to provide its Networkfleet wireless vehicle management system to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago (MWRD). Serving more than 10 million people, the District’s major responsibilities and activities include: Wastewater Reclamation; the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan; Waterways Control; and the Industrial Waste Program. Networkfleet is being used by various MWRD departments to track the activities of passenger vehicles as well as small, medium, and large trucks. Networkfleet collects and organizes detailed lo-cation and performance information directly from a vehicle’s engine computer and a global positioning system. This information is then transmitted wirelessly from the vehicle to a network operation center and is made available online for fleets to monitor such items as current location, fuel consumption, mileage, emission status, and speed. With Networkfleet, this data can be accessed and shared by multiple departments from any internet-enabled computer, 24/7.