NORTH PASSAIC, NJ – In an effort to lower gas, insurance, and repair costs, all Passaic County employees who use county cars are now being required to justify their need for a vehicle, according to the Herald Tribune newspaper. Gasoline to run cars cost the county $754,800 in 2005, 36 percent more than originally budgeted because of rising energy costs. The county owns about 750 vehicles, of which 650 are cars. The rest mainly are trucks, vans, and snow plows. The Sheriff’s Department uses more than 200 of the county cars. By Feb. 1, employees must submit a written justification to the board, detailing why a personal car can’t be used to perform their job function. The county has also implemented a $180,000 electronic system at the county’s seven gas stations and embossed its fleet with decals, according to the report.