CAPE CORAL, FL – The city of Cape Coral’s fleet management department has successfully completed Fleet Counselor Services, Inc. (FCS) fleet certification-testing program and has qualified as an Industry Competitive Fleet Management Operation. In completing the testing process, Cape Coral finished with a score that placed them on the list of the best-managed fleets nationwide, according to James B. Wright, president of FCS. Others on the list include: Lee County, Fla.; the city of Greeley, Colo.; the city of Fresno, Calif., University of California at Davis; Las Vegas Water District; the city of Fort Collins, Colo.; Salt Lake County, Utah; and the city of Tallahassee, Fla. “It is our goal to make government operations cost effective. That is why we developed and offer the Fleet Certification Program, to save the tax payers money,” according to Wright. With the support of Charles Pavlos, director of public works, the fleet management department has implemented the following cost-effective programs during the past few years:

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Fuel management.
  • Vehicle replacement.
  • Fleet utilization.

    The fleet management team started the testing process last January and completed implementation of the final requirements in August, resulting in a score of 170 points and 90 percent. Fleet operations must score at least 137 points or 76 percent to receive the certification, and must pass all eight Foundation Categories with a minimum of eight points required for each. Cape Coral will pass the same testing process every other year, as new performance standards are developed by FCS in order to remain certified, cost-competitiv,e and efficient. Wright presented the award to Fred DeBono, Cape Coral’s fleet manager, at a city council meeting Sept. 26.