FLAGSTAFF, AZ – After approving about $400,000 for petroleum products and gasoline, the Flagstaff City Council took a big step toward reducing these costs and advancing its green community stance by purchasing its first hybrid vehicle, according to the Arizona Daily Sun newspaper. The council approved the purchase of a Toyota Prius at $21,588. While it more expensive than the cost of an all-gasoline sedan, its high gas mileage and expected longer life span should result in a cost savings in coming years, reported the Daily Sun. At 60 miles per gallon in town, it will cost about half the price to fuel. The hope is the continued development of hybrid vehicles will enable the city to use them in the police force, which has more wear and tear and gas expenses than other divisions, said Councilman Al White. He would like to see a test vehicle on patrol in the next couple of years for comparison purposes, he said.