MILWAUKEE – Four state Department of Corrections administrators don't have to pay for personal travel in state cars, according to the Associated Press. The round-trip commutes of the administrators cost taxpayers nearly $200 a day when all four drive to their offices.

Only law enforcement officials are exempt from paying for their commutes under federal law. Corrections officials say the four administrators need their state vehicles in case they're needed in an emergency.

Matt Frank, corrections secretary, stated that the four are rarely needed after normal work hours, but that they need to have access to the three radios in each of their vehicles. They're supposed to use their cars to run errands, like going to the grocery store, so they can be reached, according to Frank.

The state Department of Administration drafted a set of rules requiring workers with state cars to pay for their commutes between their homes and work. The Internal Revenue Service warned the state last year that the take-home policy violated federal tax law.