LITTLE ROCK, AR – Ford Motor Co. has become a target of an Arkansas attorney general's investigation of cars that the company sells to police agencies, and has since required signed waivers from customers if they want to receive their cars, according to the Associated Press. The Union County Sheriff's office signed a waiver in order to receive the cars it had ordered.

After the investigation had begun, Ford had previously announced that it would not deliver 2005 model cars ordered by Arkansas police and sheriff's offices while the investigation was pending. Doug Lampe, a Ford lawyer, stated that the same waiver was being offered to all police agencies in Arkansas that wanted their cars delivered, despite the investigation.

There were complaints that some Crown Victorias sold as Police Interceptor models were unmodified and not up to police standards. The Arkansas State Police Department is still waiting to get new cars since Col. Steve Dozier, commander of the Arkansas State Police, won't sign the waiver.