BANGOR, ME — The City of Bangor has agreed to pay a nearly $60,000 fine and convert its fleet of vehicles to clean-burning biodiesel to resolve hazardous waste and clean water complaints by the federal government, according to the Associated Press on December 8. The Environmental Protection Agency said that the agreement calls for the Maine city to pay $165,432 to convert its vehicles to the alternative fuel made in part from soy beans. The violations were discovered after Bangor opted not to participate in an environmental audit and self-disclosure initiative offered by the EPA in 2001, the agency said. The settlement resolves the EPA´s claims about alleged violations at four of Bangor´s facilities at the site of the former Dow Air Force Base. The EPA claimed that Bangor improperly stored, handled and disposed of hazardous wastes, failed to train personnel or have contingency plans at the city´s Public Works Department, motor pool, aviation fuel and airport facilities. The EPA also claimed that Bangor discharged untreated wastewater from its motor pool into a stream that flows into the Penobscot River. The fine against Bangor totaled $59,586.