LOS ANGELES -- A 17-year-old boy recently stole a municipal diesel tanker from a Los Angeles City lot and led police on a chase that included at least eight collisions and ended with the tanker crashing into concrete pillars, according to KNBC TV News. The boy stole the tanker from a municipal lot in the North Hollywood area after 1 a.m., said Sgt. Paul Modrell of the LAPD Valley Traffic Division to KNBC News. According to the news report, he appeared to be intoxicated as he drove erratically. The boy was transported to an area hospital to be treated for extensive injuries, including fractures to both of his legs and arms, Modrell said. The boy ran away from a Van Nuys, Calif. boys home, it was reported. Modrell told KNBC News that the accident is under investigation and charges against the boy are pending.