MADISON, WI – Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle extended a freeze on state vehicle purchases and ordered the Department of Administration to reduce the state vehicle fleet by an additional 1,000 cars, according to The Governor set a goal of returning the size of the state fleet to about the same size as it was a decade ago. Doyle also ordered new accountability and oversight measures, including requiring agencies to better report vehicle usage information through a central database, and updating the state's fleet manual for all state employees. In April, Governor Doyle directed the Department of Administration to conduct a comprehensive review of the state vehicle fleet. A key finding of the report is that from 1994 to 2003, vehicles owned by the state increased from 6,187 vehicles to 7,360, or almost 19 percent. In contrast, last year, Governor Doyle reduced the state fleet by 132 vehicles. Combined with last year's reduction, the additional reductions ordered by the Governor today will achieve the goal of reducing the fleet back to the levels of a decade ago.