BOONES MILL, VA – Despite the fact that online auction company eBay pulled the listing for a decommissioned police cruiser because it was being sold with its light bar on, the Boones Mill police department was able to sell the vehicle by continuing the auction themselves, according to The Roanoke Times. On May 11, Boones Mill Police Chief, Town Manager and Utilities Director Lynn Frith listed the town's 6-year-old police Camaro, which had 80,000 miles on it, for a 10-day auction on eBay with a minimum bid of $8,000. He had stripped the car of its electronic equipment but left the light bar and insignia. By the seventh day, two people had placed bids of up to $10,101, Frith said. Then eBay suddenly pulled the listing because the company has a policy against selling cars with police light bars to the public. Frith was already in touch with the two bidders, and others interested in the car had e-mailed him, he said. Rather than take steps to put the Camaro back on eBay, the police department decided to continue the auction themselves, Frith said. The cruiser ended up receiving a winning bid of $12,500. Boones Mill plans to use that money to help defray the cost of a new speed catcher – an unmarked black 2004 Pontiac GTO with a price tag of $33,385.