The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has requested that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigate inappropriate conduct by its fleet services manager, Ronnie Kidd. The Sheriff’s Office placed Kidd on administrative leave with pay on May 1.

Because this is an active investigation, Sheriff Tom Spangler said he was unable to divulge additional information.

“There are no words to describe my disappointment. I promised each of you that I would be honest, forthright, and transparent when elected. As painful as situations involving allegations of employee misconduct are, it is important for the integrity of the agency and for the honest, hardworking men and women of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office that I do everything within my power to appropriately handle situations as openly and expeditiously as possible,” Spangler said in a statement.

Kidd has overseen the Sheriff’s Office fleet since 2006. The fleet department assists in purchasing vehicles, installs equipment on new vehicles, performs maintenance, and decommissions vehicles, according to Knox News.