Keycafe Offers Automated Key Control System

Photo courtesy of Keycafe

Keycafe provides a connected key locker and cloud-based key management software that enables fleet managers and drivers to seamlessly store and exchange their vehicle keys.

With Keycafe, vehicle fleet managers can assign access to a set of keys using the desktop or mobile Keycafe app, with drivers receiving an access code to pick up and drop off their vehicle’s keys.

The key management system helps fleet managers by:

  • Reducing vehicle downtime and key loss
  • Minimizing employee and driver liability related to holding onto keys overnight
  • Cutting out time spent organizing key storage and exchanges

This is made possible with the Keycafe MS200, a connected key locker that is wall-mounted and takes up minimal space. The MS200 comes in 26-bin and eight-bin versions, has backup batteries in case of a power outage, and can be expanded upon for more key storage.

With the MS200 and Keycafe’s key management system vehicle fleet managers can:

  • Create ongoing accesses for drivers who need continuous access to keys
  • Set up scheduled accesses to limit dates and times a driver can access keys
  • Enable photo ID verification so the right driver is accessing keys
  • Access real-time notifications and a complete history log of key pickups and drop-offs
  • Contact 24/7 support via phone, e-mail, and chat
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