The City of Amarillo, Texas, implemented a GPS fleet tracking system for more than 400 city vehicles in November, and the results are impressive.

The GPS fleet tracking system, in its fourth month of operation, is saving an average of $19,154.85 a month, according to the city. This savings is achieved through significant reductions in idle time (a 63% decrease in idle time events of 10-plus minutes), miles driven (a 16% decrease), and fuel costs ($77,239 in actual savings.)

The system increases employee accountability, eliminates the overlapping of services and/or routes, and decreases the possibility of frivolous claims related to city vehicles.

“We tested the GPS fleet tracking system (in August 2019), and went live this past November,” said City of Amarillo Assistant Director of Public Works Donny Hooper in a statement. “The system has been tremendously successful in several ways — from reduced idle time to significant savings in fuel costs. We anticipate more data collection in the coming months that will show continued success.”

The system is currently in use in 408 city vehicles, including 112 vehicles in the Solid Waste Department.

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