The EV Standard offers curbside electric vehicle charging.

The EV Standard offers curbside electric vehicle charging.

Image courtesy of Envision Solar

Envision Solar announced it has been issued a patent for the EV Standard, a renewably energized streetlamp product, which provides electric vehicles (EV) charging along a curb.

According to the International Council on Clean Transportation, Los Angeles will need 35,000 charging stations by 2025, about seven times the number it had in 2019. New York might need to add 35% more chargers every year; Boston, 27%; Portland, Oregon, 23%; and Washington, DC, 20%. Envision believes that a very large proportion of the EV chargers deployed will have to be on-street, as many global cities do not have large open parking lots and rely on street parking.

The EV Standard provides efficient street lighting and curbside EV charging by combining solar, wind, and utility-generated electricity in a bank of integrated batteries.

Equipped with a high-lumens, low-consumption LED light and a Level 2 EV charger, the EV Standard leverages the existing streetlamp’s foundation and connection. It does not require new utility-grid circuits or the trenching and other construction services required to deliver them to the curb.

The EV Standard will continue to provide EV charging and a source of emergency power during grid outages. It can be used to support and power other vital infrastructure such as IoT connected devices, 5G radios, CCTV, Smart City Sensors, and environmental monitors.

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