Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed an executive order (EO5) requiring that all new contracts for the purchase of state vehicles with diesel engines must have written support from the manufacturer to use B-20 biodiesel or more. B-20 is 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum-based diesel.

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) began using biodiesel blends in 1994. The fleet uses B-20 most of the year in virtually everything with a diesel engine, including snow plows, motor graders, and more. The executive order furthers the governor's commitment to Iowa’s biofuels industry, environmental sustainability, and value-added agriculture.

Iowa’s biodiesel industry supports the equivalent of 4,700 full-time jobs and accounts for $568 million of Iowa’s gross domestic product. Iowa’s 11 biodiesel plants, which produced 365 million gallons in 2018, proved a commitment to growth by increasing their biodiesel production capacity by 20% to nearly 400 million gallons by the end of 2018.

The vast majority of engine manufacturers support B-20 in equipment sold in the U.S., according to the executive order.