The U.S. General Services Administration has launched a new certification program for the federal fleet community at no additional cost. The Federal Fleet Manager Certification Program (FFMCP) encompasses an overview of federal vehicle policies and procedures.

Participants in the program must complete the following six core courses in order:

  • Fleet Management 101 – Participants will be given a high-level overview of fleet, including the annual cycle for federal fleet planning, acquisitions, and disposals, as well as the fleet manager’s role during the five key components in the fleet management life cycle.
  • Vehicle Acquisition – This course covers the regulations and processes for purchasing new vehicles, when to purchase or lease vehicles, and what to do when new vehicles are delivered.
  • Fleet Maintenance Management – This course teaches participants why performing and tracking maintenance is important and how they can minimize maintenance and repair costs in their own operations.
  • Fleet Risk Management – This course covers common risks and ways to manage them, risk management technology, and accident management procedures.
  • Liability While Driving a Government-Owned Vehicle (GOV) – This course covers the driver’s personal liability when operating a government vehicle or operating a personal or rental vehicle for official government business.
  • Disposal of Agency-Owned Vehicles – This course teaches participants the processes for disposing vehicles as excess, surplus, and exchange/sale, as well as the regulations that pertain to vehicle disposal.

In addition, all participants in the program must take two of the following electives:

  • Federal Mandates, Policies & Sustainability – This course covers key regulations to follow when managing, tracking, and reporting a fleet. This includes the alternative fuels and advanced technology that may improve fleet operations, as well as the systems and data needed to meet federal reporting requirements.
  • GSA Fleet Applications – This course helps participants get acquainted with the applications available to GSA Fleet leasing and purchasing customers.  
  • Operating Your GSA Fleet Leased Vehicle – This course offers leasing customers important information about the driver’s maintenance and repair responsibilities, the proper way to use a GSA Fleet credit card, the procedures for obtaining repairs after hours, and reporting responsibilities.
  • Operating Cost-Efficient Fleets – This course covers key ways fleet managers can reduce fleet expenses and the data vital to managing fleet costs. This includes monitoring driver behavior, fleet card data, accident data, and maintenance data to understand and manage costs.

Interested participants can register for the FFMCP through the GSA Learning Academy. Find more information at

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