The main benefit of the Bobcat Bob-Dock attachment mounting system for loaders, according to Tyler Zima, is that it helps operator productivity and efficiency while minimizing downtime.

Bob-Dock is a hands-free hydraulic attachment mounting system designed for repeatable hydraulic connections, while the operator remains in the cab. This provides time savings and improved productivity while ensuring operators use the right attachment for the job. This design also helps to eliminate operator error that occurs when hoses are constantly being attached and removed, said Zima, Bobcat’s loader product specialist.  

“If you don’t have to get out of the cab and hook up an attachment and hook up your hydraulic lines, there’s less chance to potentially run over those hoses or pinch those hoses,” Zima said.

Zima continued: “Because an attachment’s auxiliary hydraulic hoses route through the Bob-Dock system, they have an extra layer of protection from accidental contact with tires, tracks, debris, or jobsite obstacles, reducing the frequency of hydraulic oil spills and hose replacements and repairs. The Bob-Dock system can also help prevent the operator error of failing to disconnect hydraulic hoses before backing away from an attachment.”

An Evolving Product

Zima noted that the Bob-Dock product has a lot of history with Bobcat. The company came out with the Power Bob-Tach attachment mounting system for loaders about 20 years ago that allowed operators to stay in the cab and hook up standard attachments. A few years ago, the company began looking into how to perform the same task with hydraulic attachments. 

The result was the Bob-Dock attachment mounting system, which is in its first-phase rollout period.

“We’re hoping it’s well accepted in the marketplace [by] customers who are using Bobcat hydraulic attachments such as grapples, breakers, and other hydraulically driven Bobcat attachments, as this allows operators to stay inside the cab to hook up their hydraulic attachments,” Zima said. “There are going to be other phases to this product and we are excited to watch it evolve in the marketplace.”


Bob-Dock Attachment System Helps Prevent Errors, Improve Productivity

Photo courtesy of Bobcat

How to Use the Bob-Dock in 4 Steps:

  1. An operator lines up the loader with the attachment’s Bob-Dock adapter plate. 
  2. The operator then presses the Power Bob-Tach switch inside the cab.
  3. The Bob-Tach system secures the attachment, while the Bob-Dock system automatically connects the hydraulics. The attachment is then ready to use.
  4. When finished using the attachment, the operator retracts the Bob-Tach wedges and pulls away. The hydraulics instantly release, providing the operator with hands-free removal.