The Bandit 15XPC can be used for handling downed trees and limbs from parks and storm cleanup. 
 -  Photo courtesy of Bandit

The Bandit 15XPC can be used for handling downed trees and limbs from parks and storm cleanup.

Photo courtesy of Bandit

Government entities looking for wood chippers can find several products on the market, with many options to outfit their machines specifically for the type of work they are doing.

But the new XPC series of drum-style, hydraulic-fed chippers from Bandit Industries is a stripped-down version of those machines. Bandit intentionally produced its new Intimidator 12XPC and 15XPC with limited options.

Why? To control the weight and the size of the chippers. 

“The Intimidator 12XPC and the Intimidator 15XPC are great options for those who need rugged chippers without a ton of bells and whistles,” said Jason Morey, sales manager for Bandit Industries.

He added that government entities will see the stripped down version as an advantage because different crews sometimes work with the machine on different days. “The XPCs are purposefully left with fewer options so the operation is straightforward,” Morey said.

Enhancing Ease of Use

Just because chippers are lighter and smaller does not mean they are weaker. Morey noted that all of the XPC chippers feature the same durable construction as Bandit’s XP-series hand-fed chippers.

The XPC series actually includes three chippers, but the 15-inch-­capacity 15XPC is most suited for government fleet applications, as is the 12-inch-capacity 12XPC. The series also includes a 19XPC, which the company notes can easily handle big limbs and whole trees. Bandit’s municipal customers are using the 12XPC and the 15XPC for handling downed trees and limbs from parks and storm cleanup, as well as for park maintenance.

Most municipalities don’t want logs for firewood. Instead, they want the logs cleaned up, so the 15XPC will work well for those entities, Morey said. In addition, the chipper weighs only 7,198 lbs., so operators won’t need a large truck or a special license to haul the machine. 

“That makes it easier to maneuver and more convenient to use on a job site,” Morey said.

He noted that the 15XPC is available in gasoline or diesel engine options, which is another enhancement in the area of ease of use. The gasoline and diesel engines of the 15XPC boast 145 and 122 hp, respectively. The machine also features a 24-inch-diameter chipping drum, he added.

More Durable Construction

Morey added that Bandit built the XPC series chippers using welded construction as opposed to “bolt-­together” construction, which tends to shake apart during operation.

“The Bandit, with its welded components, is going to stand up a lot longer to the challenges of the job,” he said, also noting the durability of the drums. “We use thick drum skins and internal baffles to reinforce the drum.”

The company also noted that the slide box feed system on the XPC chippers is positioned within inches of the chipper drum and provides more pulling and compressing power than traditional pivot-style infeed systems. Morey noted that the feed systems will feed material more aggressively with fewer material hang-ups than competitive feed systems. He added that operators will spend less time trimming and repositioning material, leading to greater productivity.