The City of Campbell, Ohio, is getting rid of non-official decals on its city vehicles, according to a report from WKBN. In doing so, it hopes to appear more professional on the road. But this decision has led to conflict between the mayor and residents.

According to WKBN, a common decal used on city vehicles is one of a local high school mascot. Residents told the news station that this decision means the city isn’t showing support for local schools.

In a Facebook post, Campbell Mayor Nick Phillips clarified that the decision was made to target the vehicles with cartoon decals, featuring Looney Tunes, Marvel, and DC Comics characters. He emphasized that the ban was not meant to target schools.

“As I meet with new business in an effort to draw them to our City I became aware how unprofessional this looked. I ordered all non government decals to be removed from all city vehicles in order to clean up our image,” Phillips wrote. “Marvel and DC comic stickers and emblems or any emblem that is not the city seal does not belong on government vehicles.”

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