-  Photo courtesy of REV Group

Photo courtesy of REV Group

E-One is expanding its line of aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicles with the TITAN 6X6 and TITAN 6X6 EXT (which includes an optional 65-foot high reach extendable turret). The ARFF line, introduced earlier this year with a 4X4 configuration, is designed specifically for use in airports, where a quick response is needed to put out large aircraft fires.

The firefighting vehicle offers a 3,000-gallon-per-minute pump, an Ecologic calibration system to electronically proportion foam, a high-flow extendable turret device rated at 1,500 gpm, and a low-attach, high-flow 750-gpm Rhino bumper turret with dry chemical discharge.

The TITAN 6X6 and TITAN 6X6 EXT offer 320 cubic feet of storage, including a full transverse compartment, and a payoad capacity of 3,300 gallons of water and 500 lbs. of auxiliary agent.

On the performance side, the vehicle is offered with an available Scania 770-hp engine, offering 2,215 lb.-ft. of torque, and improved braking performance with a variable-rate coil spring v-link suspension with standard front and rear sway bars and 17-inch disc brakes.

The redesigned rear body is easy to maintain, with ground-level maintenance access from either side as well as the rear engine compartment of the vehicle.

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