Tenn. Utility, Residents Clash Over Tree Trimming

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Residents in Walland, Tenn., are not happy with the nearby City of Alcoa’s decision to use helicopters for tree trimming. The City of Alcoa’s Electric Department services the city, along with 50% of Blount County, and maintains more than 1,000 miles of power lines, according to the city website.

In late July, a contractor for the city trimmed trees along 20 miles of power lines using a helicopter and aerial saw, which can offer easier access near mountains and on rugged terrain than bucket trucks, reports WBIR. But residents in nearby Walland are not impressed with the new method.

According to WIBR, the helicopters flew too close to houses and left debris that has not been cleaned up in the month following tree trimming. Although they acknowledge the usefulness of the helicopter, residents argue that the company should switch to bucket trucks when working in residential neighborhoods.

The Daily Times reports that Alcoa Electric will trim trees using this method later this year or in early 2019.

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