Ga. County Adds Telematics to 300 Vehicles

Photo courtesy of T-Mobile

Cobb County, Ga., is adding telematics devices to almost 300 of its vehicles as part of its switch to T-Mobile using a mix of smartphones, tablets, and SyncUp Fleet devices.

The county has equipped nearly 300 vehicles with the devices, including fire and emergency services vehicles. The telematics device plugs into OBD-II ports, allowing fleet managers to track and manage their fleet from a mobile or desktop app. SyncUp Fleet can be used to optimize routes and decrease fuel consumption by identifying idle times, and it can indicate when vehicle maintenance is required.

“Implementing T-Mobile’s services has been seamless, and SyncUp Fleet alone is expected to save us $50,000 each year in fuel costs and more,” said Al Curtis, fleet director, Cobb County.

SyncUp Fleet's hours of service (HOS) application allows for paperless driver tracking.

“Being a 24/7 operation, the ability to see where a team is in real time with SyncUp Fleet is incredibly impactful,” added Ryan Coover, utilities maintenance superintendent, Cobb County. “In emergency situations, we’re able to identify and dispatch available crews immediately.”

In addition to the SyncUp Fleet devices, first responders carry LTE-enabled iPads to relay real-time data from almost any location. With this information inputted in the field, hospitals and emergency room staff can prepare for inbound cases before the patient arrives.

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