Terramac debuted its first crawler carrier model in 2012 and recently released its most compact unit yet, the RT6. The RT6 diversifies Terramac’s existing fleet of RT9, RT14, and RT14R carriers and will offer more size selections to government entities.

“We saw a need for a smaller unit in the marketplace, something with a minimal footprint that could be transported a little easier and maneuver into confined spaces while also meeting the needs of multiple niche industries,” said Matt Slater, Terramac director of sales.

The RT6 carrier features a compact size of 16 feet, 2 inches by 8 feet, 2 inches, affording it the ability to access remote locations, and offers travel speeds up to 6.7 mph for quick cycle times. A Cummins 130-hp QSB 4.5L diesel engine at 2,200 RPM allows the RT6 to climb steep terrains, while the chassis is designed to accommodate various general construction, pipeline, utility, and environmental support equipment. It can haul material or support equipment up to 12,000 lbs.

Smaller Footprint

Low ground pressure is a key feature that distinguishes Terramac units from wheeled equipment options, according to the manufacturer. Fully-loaded, the RT6 exerts 5.3 PSI of ground pressure to minimize ground disruptions and reduces slippage in loose and wet ground where heavy, wheeled machines get stuck.

“The RT6 is ideal for environmentally sensitive job sites since the flotation from the unit’s rubber tracks prevents deep ruts and damaged ground surfaces,” said Monica Coenen, Terramac marketing manager.

By reducing ground disturbances with the RT6, contractors benefit from reduced costs associated with restoration upon project completion.

Customizable Chassis

The RT6 carrier is designed with a customizable chassis, which simplifies the process of mounting support equipment and fits various attachment options. The utility market is a key industry for the RT6 since utility projects require various tools, and jobsites are often remote.

“The RT6 easily adapts for all sorts of utility work, which is beneficial for government entities. One piece of equipment can be outfitted with multiple attachments such as personnel carriers for transporting crews, digger derricks and concrete mixers for utility pole installation, and man lifts for line maintenance,” Slater said.

The RT6 with personnel carrier is suitable for transporting crews to remote jobsites. The personnel carrier is ROPS & FOPS (rollover protective structure and falling object protective structure) certified and is equipped to carry up to 10 workers with seat belts while providing additional storage for tooling and materials.

The RT6 with concrete mixer provides a more efficient and cost-­effective method (compared to helicopter delivery) for utility crews to access jobsites with concrete for pole installation.

Terramac carriers are pre-approved for government purchase and can be found on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) contract.

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