InterMotive Vehicle Controls has updated its anti-theft system, IdleLock, for work truck, police, ambulance, cutaway bus, and fire truck vehicles for 2018 model-year applications.

IdleLock allows the vehicle to idle securely with the key removed from the ignition while maintaining all systems. When the system is active, the vehicle is locked in park. If an attempt is made to force the shifter out of park without the key in the applications, IdleLock will turn the engine off to prevent vehicle theft. In police applications, IdleLock also disables the gun rack and trunk release buttons as a safety precaution.

This system is easily installed using plug and play connections to the vehicle with no cutting of factory wires. IdleLock retails for $203 and is available from builders, Upfitters, dealers, or InterMotive’s master distributor, LGS Group.