EcoClean Advantage, LLC announced the launch of its liquid-based diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning machine that restores a DPF to like-new condition in under one hour.

The automated, computer-guided cleaning process requires less than five minutes of hands-on operator time per filter. The patent-pending machine uses a proprietary biodegradable cleaning agent, filters and reuses water, and separates soot and ash for recycling.

The ability to effectively clean and dry a DPF in less than one hour results in improved efficiency and increased revenue potential for shop owners, when compared to the standard air-blowing and kiln-baking method, which takes approximately 13 hours per DPF. In addition, EcoClean's non-destructive water-cleaning process eliminates the need for extended kiln-baking at 1350 degrees Fahrenheit, which can cause a DPF to crack and break.

Fleets operating their own EcoClean machines will benefit from significant cost savings when compared to using an outside DPF cleaning service. Fleets will also gain substantial uptime, and will save money on fuel thanks to improved fuel efficiency due to more frequent DPF cleaning.