Cobra Systems’ Striker PRO Reminder Sticker Printing System presents a daily “driver’s window” reminder to every vehicle, and offers a professional appointment tool for your shop, simplifying the appointment process for all your client vehicles.

The system incorporates the pre-programmed ability to print a QR code on each reminder sticker. When your service customer scans the QR code on the window sticker it will automatically direct them to your appointment page. They can make a time-saving appointment without even talking to a staff member and your daily appointment schedule can be completed online, making your daily service schedule more efficient and user-friendly.

Striker PRO uses a portable keyboard and “reminder sticker” printer that automatically prints your shop location and contact details, determines the next service return date, and creates reminder messages. Customizable options include incentives for on-time service returns, recommended oil types, tire rotation mile intervals, as well as logos and messages. 

Cobra Systems, Inc. also offers fully customizable printed stickers with logo on your choice of static cling or adhesive stickers in clear or white.