LUVERNE Truck Equipment, a manufacturer of truck, SUV, and work van accessories, is introducing a new version of its O-MegaStep 6-inch oval steps.

O-Mega II 6-inch oval steps come a brand new step pad design in rust-free aluminum, as well as a highly durable powder coat finish. They feature a lightweight T6 aluminum extruded board, paintable TPO plastic end caps, and vehicle-specific brackets for a custom fit.

The all-aluminum step pads of new O-Mega II 6-inch oval steps feature protruded circular treads for a non-skid surface and a stylish look. Because they are made from aluminum, they are extremely durable, meaning they will never wear down or crack. The step pad locations are also customizable, being packaged unattached from the tubes to allow them to be precisely matched to the layout of the vehicle.

O-Mega II 6-inch oval steps also have an upgraded finish. Instead of an anodized aluminum, they are shielded in a highly durable powder coat. This ensures maximum corrosion resistance and excellent protection against scuffs and scratches. The steps are available in two powder coat finish options, including silver and textured black.

LUVERNE’s new O-Mega II 6-inch oval steps are available for all of the same applications as original O-MegaSteps, including a variety of pickups, SUVs, and commercial vans. The steps come in universal lengths and are designed to mount with vehicle-specific brackets. For a complete application guide, please visit