Bendix Brakes has relaunched its Fleet MetLok line of automotive disc brake pads designed for severe-duty applications, as well as service and pursuit vehicles. The product line has been enhanced for better friction performance and expanded to include rotors and pads.

Fleet MetLok semi- and low-metallic brake pads feature friction formulations that provide noise-free performance, fade and heat tolerance, durability, and excellent stopping in demanding applications. They also feature a 3-layer shim, burnishing compound to reduce break-in time, and a hardware kit when applicable. 

Rotors are built with Alloyed Carbon Performance Castings, which provide superior thermal stability and strength and ensure safe operation in all driving conditions, according to the manufacturer. They are also coated with heat-resistant SurfaceLok coating to reduce corrosion.

The Fleet MetLok product line is ideal for use in heavy hauling, towing, frequent stopping, and pursuit applications such as work vans, tow trucks, taxis, police vehicles, and construction pickup trucks.