Gabriel (Ride Control, LLC), a manufacturer of automotive ride control technology, has released its updated FleetLine commercial truck and trailer shocks.

FleetLine shocks are designed as a direct replacement for commercial OE shocks, and are built to meet or exceed OE specifications and quality standards. They feature valving rates that compensate for initial truck suspension softening to deliver top performance, as well as a pre-loaded piston ring that compensates for wear.

The highly varied, harsh road conditions present in heavy-duty vehicle applications has traditionally caused extensive corrosion to the mountings where shock absorbers attach to the vehicle chassis. In turn, this corrosion has caused extensive downtime when shock absorbers must be replaced, as it makes removal of the shocks extremely difficult. With the improved anti-corrosion coatings introduced in this product update, Gabriel offers customers a drastic improvement in corrosion resistance on mounting surfaces, thereby allowing vehicles to get back on the road more quickly due to reduced maintenance time.

Highly demanding heavy-duty vehicle applications also cause misting in all shock absorbers over time. Misting occurs when the oil within the shock absorber that is critical to top performance becomes atomized and slowly vaporizes past the seal in the product, causing diminished performance and eventual product failure. With Gabriel’s improved misting-reduction seal technology, oil loss is reduced by 70 percet over time. This leads to extended service life for the FleetLine shock absorbers, as well as improved performance as compared to competing technologies.