Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT), an Oshkosh Corporation company and manufacturer of service vehicles, truck-mounted cranes, hydraulic loaders, and air compressors, has released the Dominator III mechanics body. The new body design accommodates the IMT model 12000 telescopic crane without a front stabilizer for customers that do not require 100 percent lift capacity in all load zones.

The new Dominator III body will be available in both 11- and 14-foot lengths, replacing the existing 13-foot version. With two side pack configurations for each body length — a right front raised with the left side all raised and an all raised version — customers have four configuration options to choose from.

The Dominator III model is designed for customers who need more lifting capacity than the Dominator II vehicle’s 10,000-pound maximum, but do not require the 14,000-pound capacity of the Dominator IV mechanics truck. Designed specifically to support the IMT 12000 telescopic crane, which provides up to 30 feet of reach and a Penta Boom design. With a flat top that eliminates stress concentrations inherent with certain boom designs and a half hex that controls tracking at long reaches, the innovative five-sided boom offers premium strength and durability.

Standard features of the IMT 12000 telescopic crane include:

  • Ten degrees of negative boom angle, providing added versatility and allowing the crane to be reached more easily from ground level.
  • A fully proportional piston grip radio remote control offering traditional fit and operation.
  • LED overload indicator lights on the remote control handle that alert the operator when the crane is approaching overload condition and in overload.
  • A flip sheave boom tip for added lift height in tight quarters.
  • A planetary winch that allows for faster hoisting and lowering speeds and smoother overall operation.
  • Patented boom hook stow that allows the boom hook to be stowed more easily and faster.

The Dominator III model features excellent accessibility to tools — without losing any storage ­— by providing front vertical compartments with single doors. IMT also incorporated the patented shelf-hanger bracket system that enables quick adjustments of compartment shelves.

In addition, the truck features the new enhancements to the Dominator family:

  • An energy absorbing boom stow that protects the top of the body compartments from damage if too much pressure is exerted from stowing the crane.
  • High-intensity LED compartment lighting.
  • A multiplex electrical system with programmable logic for increased reliability.

The new Dominator III mechanic bodies are available for order now and are currently planned to being shipping in December.