The John Bean V2200 imaging wheel alignment system provides high resolution imaging technology that delivers fast, precise readings to faster, more accurate wheel alignment jobs.

The high-resolution cameras on the V2200 produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data, while passive front and rear XD targets ensure durability because there are no wheel electronics to damage. Other productivity-enhancing features include vehicle track width and wheel base, individual wheel off set and set-back, and the patented EZ-TOE feature that eliminates the need for a steering wheel holder, according to the company.

The V2200 also features the John Bean AC200 universal wheel clamps. Constructed from rugged cast aluminum, these clamps have a self-centered design for accurate measurement and vehicle dimensions. The two-sided claws eliminate the need for accessories and allow reliable clamping over hubcaps. The AC200 clamps and XD targets are lightweight, durable and impact resistant, according to the company.