Jenny Products, Inc. offers a line of electric single-stage, horizontal-tank stationary air compressors. The 16 single-stage belt-driven models feature cast-iron compressor pumps and powder-coated, ASME certified tanks.

The largest models in the Jenny single-stage line offer 60- or 80-gallon horizontal tanks and provide 5 horsepower while displacing 27.8 or 28.7 cfm at 125 psi. Magnetic starters come standard on these larger units. A wide range of hp and cfm displacement levels are available from there, including 3, 2, 1.5, 1 and 3/4 hp. The smallest model in the line uses a 17-gallon tank and provides 1/2 hp. It displaces 3.4 cfm at 125 psi.

Each unit is splash lubricated with Jenny “Ultimate Blue” Compressor Pump Oil to ensure the pistons, bearings, crankshaft, rings and cylinders are protected. Additionally, thermal-overload protection prevents the motor from drawing too much current, overheating and burning out, while a pressure-release safety valve automatically opens when needed to eliminate pressure build-up.

Other standard, quality features on all single-stage models are manual tank drains, a large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements, a tank gauge and an industrial/commercial-grade UL-listed electric motor providing one-phase or three-phase power. Special unloading valves assist in starting the motor, and a large flywheel provides for easier start-up and extra cooling. A directional air shroud helps further reduce pump temperatures.

An automatic start/stop control with a pressure unloader set at 105-125 psi also comes standard throughout the series. When pressure drops, the control closes a switch and starts the air compressor to maintain a constant pressure. When the appropriate level is again reached, the compressor stops and an unloader valve expels any air between the check valve and compressor. A constant-run feature may be installed instead for those requiring a constant, heavy flow of compressed air, and a dual-control option also is offered, enabling the operator to switch between the two configurations as needed.

A number of optional features also are available throughout the single-stage, horizontal-tank, mounted line, including an oil sight glass, low-oil-level switch and control circuit transformer. An air-line filter can be added to remove contaminants in the air and a lubricator will ensure proper lubrication regardless of air-flow levels for tools such as ratchets and impacts. An optional aftercooler will cool hot, compressed air laden with water vapor to a liquid so that it can be removed from the system rather than sent downstream, and adding a dryer will be beneficial when dealing with water condensation in freezing or high-humidity conditions. Each Jenny compressor also is available in additional pressure configurations.