Terex is offering a new end-mount or top-mount cobra-style jib on its Hi-Ranger TL and LTM series aerial devices. Available on all 24-inch x 48-inch platforms, the Terex cobra-style jib is engineered with hydraulic articulations and extend, enabling operators to achieve a greater range of motion and increased productivity, according to Terex.

The jib has a low, 16-inch profile as well as a 600-lb. platform capacity and 1,000-lb. maximum lift capacity, which can be realized with the work line extended farther from the basket shaft than many other jibs allow. Operators can easily rotate the cobra-style jib thanks to an additional bearing at the bottom. This rotation offers lineman more versatility at the pole, enabling them to easily line up the work as needed. It also offers better accessibility between lines, Terex said.

The additional bearing rests on top of the Kingpost socket, which is attached to the jib and is situation on the left of the leveling braket so it doesn't interfere with work. Composite brushings are incorporated into the cobra-style jib's design to help reduce wear on the socket.

This new jib also incorporates a poppet valve feature, helping to enhance safe work practices since it prevents the unit from damaging iteself during operation. The valve instantly shuts off various functions if the rear of the jib makes contact with the fiberglass boom. The new jib also quickly retracts and stows out of the way. With the jib in the stowed position, the truck's boom can still utilize its full range of motion down to -40 degrees.

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