Prova Systems announced the availability of firmware release 12 for its VHM OBD-2 fleet management hardware. The new release offers new capabilities in Prova’s OBD-2 trip logger and diagnostic monitor/analyzer for fleet management. The new software implements several new features including:

  • A new capability to track and report actual fuel used by each vehicle by speed band for every trip;
  • Automatic wireless driver identification through the inclusion of a driver ID inserted into each trip record making it possible to identify every driver of any vehicle trip-by-trip;
  • New DTC (diagnostic trouble code) tracking and logging function, which timestamps every DTC value with a log entry for easier fault tracking and analysis;
  • New idle event tracking that tracks every engine idle event to support efforts to reduce fuel consumption and waste caused by excessive idling;
  • A supported OBD-2 Parameter ID (PID) query table to permit fleet managers and service professionals access to a complete list of an individual vehicle’s support PIDs.

According to Prova Systems, the new release supports every Prova OBD-2 device installed today and can be upgraded through a customer’s existing maintenance contract or through an existing Prova partner. The new release comes with an SDK update with support for .NET, Linux and iOS development environments.

The new release will be featured at Prova’s fleet management seminars which start in Northeastern Pennsylvania in September 2012. More information and registration for those seminars is at

The new release will be delivered to existing Fleet Manager in a Box customers and Prova partners for inclusion into their own fleet management applications by the end of August 2012, according to the company.