EcoChem – HPI (High Performance Innovations) of Dublin, Ohio introduced its patented HPCD Smart Fuel & Fleet Station for helping school districts and municipalities modernize their fueling infrastructure. The system includes fuel storage, pumps, and intuitive fuel and fleet management software that connects vehicle data with fuel consumption, an analytics dashboard, and EcoChem’s patented fuel processing system that re-refines the degraded fuel, purifying, stabilizing and enhancing it to its own branded, High Performance Clean Diesel (HPCD).

EcoChem has been providing its HPCD fuel to dozens of school districts and municipalities since 2011. Every user of the fuel reports between 10-17% improved MPG, lower total fuel costs, and the maintenance and longevity benefits of running consistently clean fuel through their fleet’s engines.

“Our Smart Fuel & Fleet Station helps fleets at schools, municipalities and even transportation companies take all aspects of their fueling infrastructure to a new level of control, efficiency, productivity, reduced emissions, and costs savings,” states Joshua Koch, Founder and CEO of EcoChem Alternative Fuels.  “Smart Fuel & Fleet also eliminates the environmental liabilities and issues related to underground fuel tanks, and provides long-term sustainable gains for prolonging fleet life --especially for minimizing the impact of diesel fuel exhaust on children’s health.”

In recent testing at an independent laboratory in Pennsylvania, EcoChem’s HPCD fuel was proven to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions by 27%. It was the biggest reduction the laboratory had on record.

“Our system includes sensors that connect vehicle performance and fuel consumption data with every fill up through our pumps,” continued Koch.  “That means communities can receive powerful analytics for optimizing a fleet’s performance that include extended maintenance cycles and early predictive alerts to problems with the vehicle.  The result is reduced cost to manage the fleet as well as extending the life of the fleet, which significantly impacts capital budgets for a community.”

EcoChem is partnering with The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence to implement the technology inherent in the Smart Fuel & Fleet Station.

“There is no other system in the world that can deliver our patented High Performance Clean fuels along with the level of control, automation and analytics we have packed into this platform,” concluded Koch.  “And because our system and fuel qualify under Ohio HB264, communities should be able to take immediate advantage of the benefits and savings without any funding concerns.”

EcoChem Alternative Fuels is a provider of innovative technology and fueling solutions to schools, municipalities, and private transportation firms.  The company is committed to modernizing the energy infrastructure with innovative integration of best in class technology, automation and analytics.