The remote-controlled Flailbot from Bomford Turner is equally adept at mowing on steep and flat terrain.  Photo courtesy of Bomford Turner

The remote-controlled Flailbot from Bomford Turner is equally adept at mowing on steep and flat terrain. Photo courtesy of Bomford Turner

The Bomford Flailbot mower can tackle the most challenging hilly terrain without placing the operator’s safety at risk, according to manufacturer Bomford Turner. The operator, positioned at a safe distance, can precisely command the machine using a remote control that boasts a range of up to 492 feet.

With the mower’s ability to work on terrain angled up to 55 degrees, the Flailbot is well suited for highway embankments, drainage systems and reservoirs, public parks, and forested areas, the manufacturer noted.

Robust Design and Construction

The Flailbot features a 40-hp engine, twin-track grip, and flexible tool attachment options. With its robust design and construction, the mower delivers plenty of power and torque and performs reliably during extended duty — without overheating, according to Bomford Turner.

While the Flailbot’s engine is running, oil pressure-controlled track tensioners keep both tracks correctly tensioned automatically. This prevents track loss and strengthens the grip on difficult ground. Protected track idler sprockets and wheels further secure the tracks. The Flailbot offers three different track options: standard, hi-grip, and metal spiked.

When faced with particularly steep conditions, operators also have the ability to remotely extend each track width individually by 10 inches for added stability and grip. Both tracks can be extended at the same time. The machine, however, has the capability to work on the maximum 55-degree angle with these tracks fully retracted.

The remote control provides command over forward and reverse track speeds, direction, display of real-time machine data, and other functions.

The Flailbot remote control has a range of up to 492 feet.  Photo courtesy of Bomford Turner

The Flailbot remote control has a range of up to 492 feet. Photo courtesy of Bomford Turner

Plenty of Attachment Options

The Flailbot is equipped with heavier flails and 12 different attachments from which to choose. As a result, the machine can be used year-round, said Jim Goddard, international development manager at Bomford Turner. The Flailbot’s continuously adjusting cutting head uses hydraulic actuators to maintain optimal cutting. The machine’s adjustment system can be calibrated to match the tool head in use.

The high-strength steel head has a cutting width of 59 inches. Its cutting rotor’s multi-purpose flails are arranged in a helical pattern for continuous, uniform coverage of the mowing area.
A major attribute of the Flailbot is how nimbly it moves.

“The Flailbot is incredibly maneuverable, with full 360-degree rotation within its own space and individual track turning control,” said Aprile Parsons, vice president of sales for R.L. Parsons & Son Equipment, the largest Bomford Turner importer in the U.S.

Bomford Turner is based in England. R.L. Parsons & Son Equipment is headquartered in West Jefferson, Ohio. Parsons Equipment also serves as a parts hub for Bomford Turner.