Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS), developers of the GPS fleet management and business intelligence platform Silent Passenger, announced that the Town of Riverhead, N.Y., has renewed its fleet management contract and is continuing to see an increase in savings.

“After seeing an increase of savings and driver behaviors improve, we have determined that Silent Passenger is an essential tool to our operation. Occasionally, I go out into the field and Silent Passenger has created a state-of-the-art mobile application that makes it easier to manage our fleet right from a mobile device and better serve our community. Additionally, it has also created accountability amongst our employees,” said George Woodson, highway superintendent of Riverhead.

The increase in government entities who have implemented Silent Passenger has grown at a rapid rate, as Silent Passenger helps them with two very critical components of running a government: reducing budget expenditures and improving community services. This is the true value of Silent Passenger, which works with government clients to achieve this level of management success.