<p><em>Photo by&nbsp;Robert Lee Shaffer</em>&nbsp;</p>

In support of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017, the Orlando (Fla.) Fire Department has two fire apparatus sporting new, pink wrapped trucks.

The project is co-sponsored by Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center and the Orlando Fire Department. It is representative of the long-standing relationship between Orlando’s local hospital system and the fire department.

The City of Orlando was approached with the idea of wrapping fire department trucks in a custom pink wrap, with the goal of bringing awareness to early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

The decision was made that two fire apparatus from the Orlando Fire Department would sport the new temporary color scheme: Engine 5 and Rescue 1. Located at Fire Station 1 in downtown Orlando, Rescue 1 is one of the busiest emergency transport ambulances in the department. Its frequent trips around commercial and residential Orlando made it the perfect candidate for getting the message out. Engine 5, the sole fire apparatus to be wrapped in pink, is the closest fire truck to both Orlando Regional Medical Center and the UF Cancer Center. Housed by itself in a small firehouse south of downtown, the truck is a source of pride to the community’s residents.

The Orlando Police Department and Orange County Fire Rescue were also involved in this project. These units will remain in their new color scheme for the remainder of October.

There was no cost to the City of Orlando for the pink wraps.

<p><em>Photo by&nbsp;Robert Lee Shaffer</em>&nbsp;</p>