Enterprise Fleet Management is making it more convenient for companies, government agencies and organizations to monitor and manage all aspects of their fleets through the launch of a new mobile app, the fleet management company announced.

The app allows fleet managers and drivers to identify and address issues, such as maintenance needs or opportunities to improve fleet efficiency in real-time. In addition, it offers features like digital maintenance cards and in-app appointment-booking that allow drivers to spend less time dealing with administrative tasks and more time getting where they need to go.

“Our customers and their drivers are increasingly spending less time sitting behind a desk and more time on the go,” said Jeff Schuchardt, vice president of information technology at Enterprise Fleet Management, an affiliate of the world’s largest car rental company, Enterprise Holdings Inc. “We’ve responded with enhancements to our mobile app that allow both fleet managers and drivers to easily view and manage their vehicles on the go. In addition, the mobile app upgrade includes support for our customers in Canada so they can leverage the same features available to our customers in the U.S.”

The app retains the features of Enterprise Fleet Management’s former app – such as accident reporting and maintenance and fuel locators – and adds the following features:

Actionable Alerts – Drivers can swipe an alert to mark it as read, unread or to dismiss it. Actions performed on an alert in the mobile app automatically sync to Enterprise Fleet Management’s customer login website for seamless consistency and visibility by fleet managers.

Maintenance – Digital maintenance cards available in the mobile app can be shown to collision repair centers in place of physical cards. In addition, drivers  can request and schedule maintenance appointments with Firestone directly from the app.

Multi-Vehicle Management – For drivers assigned to more than one pool vehicle, they can now manage entries for multiple vehicles under a single user account.

Odometer Entries – Both fleet managers and drivers can gain insight into a vehicle’s recent odometer history and correct erroneous entries when applicable.

Login and Security Enhancements – Customers now use the same login ID for the mobile app and customer login website. Those with iOS devices also have the option to use Touch ID fingerprint technology to log in. Users can choose to show or hide the password on the login screen to minimize password entry errors. They can also change their password within the app.

Additional mobile features currently under development include push notifications for alerts, check-in and check-out reporting for pool vehicles, digital insurance cards and registration documents, more vendor options for scheduling maintenance appointments, and the ability to upload photos for vehicle profiles.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet