Photo via City of Cincinnati

Photo via City of Cincinnati

Cincinnati has replaced its fleet with 54 new police vehicles and 54 other vehicles ranging from snow plows to pick-up trucks and utility vans. Funding came from the Capital Acceleration Plan (CAP), a financing initiative used to modernize the city’s fleet. Last year, CAP funds allowed the city to purchase 53 police vehicles.

When combined with the traditional Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the City of Cincinnati has replaced 329 vehicles over the last two years. That includes six recently received fire trucks and five street sweepers.

CAP investment in fleet services utilizes capital fund resources to enable the city to make investments in vehicles and equipment that use less gas, require less maintenance, and will need fewer repairs. This not only cuts costs but also keeps vehicles on the road and improves the environment.

In addition to the CAP program, as part of the Clean Cincinnati effort, the city has purchased five new street sweepers and four dump trucks to support a revamped neighborhood street sweeping program. 

Approximately 60% of the city’s fleet was out of life cycle prior to CAP. Through CAP, the city will spend approximately $40 million of additional funding over a 12-year period to replace all city-owned vehicles. That includes replacing approximately 250 Police Department vehicles within the first five years.

The city is spending 39% of those funds during the first two years of the program in order to replace mission-critical equipment as soon as possible.