The City of Pittsburgh plans to move forward with its fleet electrification plans thanks to grant funding from the state. Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced nearly $2 million in grants awarded across the state for alternative-fuel projects from the Department of Environmental Protection, including $80,000 for the City of Pittsburgh to purchase 10 electric vehicles (EVs).

The city was also awarded $175,000 to purchase five mobile dual-hose EV charging units with battery storage. The solar-powered charging stations will be made available to public during the day and used to charge city fleet vehicles at night. It will also be available to deploy to communities in times of extended grid failure.

The Post-Gazette reports the 10 new EVs will be used by the Bureau of Permits, Licensing, and Inspections because employees use their fleet vehicles for short trips. EVs are expected to cost the city an extra $16,000 per vehicle, with the grant funding covering half of the extra cost. The city has also set aside $100,000 over the past two years to supplement the charging station purchases.