Screenshot via Clean Fuels Ohio.

Screenshot via Clean Fuels Ohio.

Clean Fuels Ohio's Midwest Drives initiative has allowed 35 public and private fleets to test drive various alternative-fuel vehicles in three states and logged 2,000 miles in the first year of the program, according to the group.

Through the initiative, which is funded through the U.S. Department of Energy, fleets in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan have been able to take advantage of the program.

Fleets that have already taken advantage of the program include the City of Dublin, Ohio; the City of Indianapolis; Schwan's; UPS; and Waste Management.

“We want to find the best fit for the city on alternative fuels,” explains John Hyatt, Dublin's fleet administrator. "We are a green city, and we look forward to different alternative fuel vehicles."

Midwest Drives offers vehicles fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG), propane autogas, electrification, biofuels, and other fuel efficiency technologies such as a dedicated CNG Class 8 Kenworth truck, battery-electric Nissan Leaf, bi-fuel CNG police interceptor, bi-fuel propane autogas police interceptor, and propane F-250 or F-350.

The Midwest Drives initiative is on track to exceed its goal of 65 fleet demonstrations with more fleet demonstrations being planned for the program’s second year, according to the group.

Here's a video that highlights the program:

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