Screenshot from Iron Planet Marketplace Direct website.

Screenshot from Iron Planet Marketplace Direct website.

IronPlanet has debuted a Marketplace Direct platform that offers advanced, self-listing functionality for larger-scale equipment sellers.

The new cloud-based platform will provide a listing and reporting solution that will enable sellers to better manage their assets, directly control their listing management process, improve price performance, and reach the most buyers through the channels of their choice, according to the company.

“Marketplace Direct enables sellers to market equipment to their current client base in a private setting or publicly to IronPlanet’s 1.7 million registered users worldwide,” said Matt Ackley, IronPlanet's chief marketing officer. “Through the process, we provide sellers with more control and choice over timing, price, and formats than they would receive in a typical live auctions-only setting.”

Through the platform, sellers will be able to list their inventory in a Fixed Price, Make Offer, or Online Auctions format. Sellers will also be able to set payment, invoicing, and shipping terms — managing the transaction process themselves or allowing IronPlanet to do it for them.

In addition, sellers will receive a custom storefront to represent their listings and have the option to select the buyers who are able to see and bid on their listings.