Pictured is one of Osceloa County's new service trucks . Photo courtesy of Osceola County

Pictured is one of Osceloa County's new service trucks. Photo courtesy of Osceola County

A modernization effort at Osceola County (Fla.) Fleet Management has led to equipment and facility upgrades as well as new tools for the fleet, said Hector Sierra Morales, who has been fleet manager for the county since December 2015. In FY-2017, the county is investing $1.4 million in projects to improve the fleet.

Fleet Management maintains heavy public works machinery, vehicles, and fire/rescue apparatus and oversees fuel stations county-wide.

For the facility, Fleet Management has already purchased six mobile lifts that can lift vehicles weighing up to 90,000 lbs. These lifts were mainly purchased for ladder and tower trucks and can be set up in any facility without electrical work costs. Fleet is building a new parts counter and turning the old parts room into a break/training room, which will allow technicians to be trained on-site.

Fleet Management replaced two service trucks used by on-call technicians who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to service public works and fire/rescue apparatus. Sierra Morales said fleet plans to purchase an additional $300,000 fuel service truck in FY-2017 to help maintain heavy machinery on construction sites and to use for mobile fueling in case of emergencies.

The modernization process also includes fuel site upgrades. The fleet plans to upgrade its unleaded and diesel fuel dispensers as well as install new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensers, Sierra Morales said.

In FY-2017, Osceola County Fleet Management plans to purchase the FASTER fleet management and FuelMaster fuel management systems.